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I think using a lizard instead of a fox wasn't the greatest idea in the world. Especially since I presume we're talking about Firefox taking on IE and not the entire Mozilla organisation. More attention to detail next time.

MaestroAndante responds:

wTF mozz pwns!! : (


Flawless. A perfect example of how to compose a Flash movie, and better yet, how to use videogame characters in the proper way. The music went well with the video, and it was all so...fluid.

Really nice work, man!


...but the lack of a preloader made me not enjoy this from the off. Include one, and it will probably work a lot better. If you can't make one, get one of the FREE Newgrounds ones from the Downloads section.

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It's alright...

....but that's about as far as I'd go. It looks great, but the flaws in the gameplay really bring the level of quality down. Also, include some sound controls, such as "Sound On/Off" buttons - the background music, whilst original and relevant, gets very annoying very quickly, which, being a Zelda fan myself, I find hard to understand.

A solid attempt, though.

A few things...

It was ok, but when the game starts, you lose a couple of lives straight away because the paddle doesn't move fast enough. Make the ball go upwards at the start. Even better would be to slow it down a bit - sometimes, the ball moves on an angle away from you so quickly that you can't get to it.

But I liked the sound effects. They might have been accompanied by some music, though....

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Very nice, but...

...could have used some music. Other than that, a nice alternative to standard golf gaming.

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Nice job!

You took a classic piece of video game music, and made it sound like no other. Wonderful job, mate. Keep it up!

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MusicWizard responds:

Thank you!

Yes, i just love this tune from the game, it makes me fell light and calm and a little mysterious.

Take care, and thanks again for your vote and comment.

Quite simply...

Pure genius. Keep up the amazing work, dude!

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